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A lightbulb in the socket is worth two in the pocket.- Bill Wolf (1950-2001) via MIT intro to Knowledge Management

Rewordly is on a mission to make research sharing and management faster, unified, and actually useful.

Our team has worked with various organizations over the years. Despite each of these companies being full of smart, efficient people, they all fell prey to the same problems: bloated inboxes and messaging systems, misplaced information, and more redundant work than should ever be allowed. Rather than quality information being captured, shared, and used, it was being saved and stored in consistently haphazard ways.

Knowledge workers waste 9.3 hours/week
on poor information processes.-McKinsey

Once we dug into the data, we were astonished by the numbers. McKinsey, for example, writes that, on average, 9.3 hours/week are wasted per knowledge workedr when it comes to poor information processes. It’s the equivalent of hiring 5 employees, and only having 4 of them work while one spends their entire week wandering about looking for or dealing with poor information.

3 areas contribute to inefficient information processes - a lack of: speed, unity, and usefulness.

In our experience we have identified 3 areas that contribute to inefficient information processes: speed, unity, and usefulness. Usually, the information saving or sharing process is too disruptive and slow to the flow of work, resulting in careless saving or vague sharing (or none at all - it is estimated that up to 80% of employee insight is lost on this alone). Compounding the poor information is the tendency for it to be saved “wherever possible”, whether email, bookmarks, messages, or cloud documents, resulting in a mess of scattered information. Finally, while bringing these many streams into one place is very helpful, the average employee and the busy executive do not have time to be frequently visiting any kind of content hub.

Using these observations, we built Rewordly to tackle them: with speed, multi-stream integration, and pragmatic daily digests. We’re on a mission to help teams move faster and be smarter, and we hope you’ll join us in making this mission a success.

Mario - CEO


Multi-award winner. Digital strategy, digital innovation, digital campaign, and digital education experience at national & international level in Canada & France.

Matei - CTO


15 years building large-scale platforms and leading international web dev projects. Author of platform architecture (validated by 500k+ users worldwide).

Andra - Research

Research and academic experience to boost product dev. Polyglot and PhD candidate.

Ethan - BD

Bringing elite strategic partnerships. Director of ops + biz dev at Global Brands Group.



Co-Founder on V1 of Rewordly, data & marketing expert


Experienced, grounding force. Managing corporate technology sales for Staples Canada.


Experienced tech PM + growth strategist.


CEO @ DailySecret, former Director of Digital Planning @ NYTimes


Visiting scholar, Columbia Business School, ex-FedEx Manager CEE


CTO @, Code for America National Advisory Council


Program Director at TD Bank, ex-IBM Global Business Solutions Executive PM