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Rewordly helps knowledge-based teams curate, annotate, share, and collaborate around online research quickly and effortlessly.

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Why leave the browser? Rewordly turns any webpage into a notepad. Simple and fast. Curate, add notes, and organize all directly on the page. No need for a million tabs anymore, either: you can combine the best of multiple pages in one, on-the-go.

With Rewordly, inspiration can become great content. By using the page itself, ideas can be jotted down the moment they strike. It’s the surest way to help teammates or clients write more easily: by giving them material to build on.

Want to use some of the content externally? From social media channels to website publishing to newsletters to marketing automation, we’ve got you covered. All with a built-in team-driven approval process.

The key to engagement and retention is a solution that isn’t only useful on the job, but on a personal level as well. Rewordly provides every user a personal hub as well, and the extension is already used by thought leaders from around the world.

Unlike the more enterprise-oriented CMS offerings on the market, Rewordly is affordable. Free up to 3 users, only $9/user/mo after that, and referrals further discount your price.

Rewordly helps your team eliminate “read this” emails and messages, replacing them with a single daily digest that summarizes your teams specific highlights and notes for you.

Authentic content has never been easier. Sort specific notes to teammates or clients for their original perspective. All with auto-citations and anti-plagiarism mechanisms built right in. From there, it’s only one step away from your/their stream of choice, including effortless scheduling.

Team stats feature both top contributors and those with the highest average quality of recommended content. Overall stats allow for immediate understanding of group activity, both recent and over longer trends.

Rewordly improves organization and reduces knowledge drain by unifying your content ecosystem. The Rewordly Hub = one intuitive, visual place that is sorted by section/topic, tags, user, source. Never go hunting for an obscure article or note ever again.

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My Rewordly Daily Brief is hands-down the most concise,
helpful summary email I've ever received. My team loves it.

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