Rewordly Inc.

Toronto | Bucharest | New York


  • Meaningful work on award-winning products
  • Unique, exciting team culture; tight-knit international team
  • Competitive salary
  • Direct work and learning with world-class CTO
  • IBM Global + Canadian / US fund backing
  • Significant career growth opportunities
  • Work using new Macbook laptop
  • Vorbim engleză și română :)

"What if you could have joined Google as employee #5?"

If you want a regular job, you’re in the wrong place. This isn’t a regular job. We’re not looking for a quick exit. We’re aiming higher. We've already won numerous awards for our vision. This is a chance to directly shape market-defining products that have the potential to reach millions of users through world-class partnerships, and redefine some of the fundamental pillars of our society: Education, Media, Work. makes online research curation much faster, more organized, and more useful. uses AI to make content analytics much more intuitive and actionable. Empowering bloggers, publishers, and content marketers everywhere.

x 10 Yourself

We are a tight team dedicated to learning and rapid progress. You will have the opportunity to exponentially improve your skills and knowledge with a team that is intellectually passionate and committed to helping you understand and improve quickly. We guarantee you three things: you will never be bored, you will learn something new every week, and your skill set will become dramatically deeper.


Our culture is culture. Our team is extremely well-rounded and curious about the world. We’re not your average startup. You’ll experience a range of passions that include mouth-watering cooking, guérilla art, travel journalism, professional photography, and fitness. Your work will be interesting, and so will the people around you. Every week our team does an offsite work day, working out of top cafes and studios.

Our CTO (and his burger) nominated at BurgerFest

Our CEO and CTO after running in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Our VP Sales and CEO dressed as Times New Roman, and Photoshop

Location, Location, Location

We are lucky to have exciting work locations at our disposal in the hearts of world-class cities, including the diverse communities they have attracted.



New York

Values Over Everything

We have a simple policy: hire people we would be comfortable working for; people we can admire. We value integrity and strong character before we look at talent. These are the criteria we value above all else:


Trustworthy, principled, respectful.

Curiousity & Diversity

Digs into things, relentlessly fascinated, doesn’t take things for granted, genuinely considers and tries to understand opposing views, enjoys both cultural and intellectual diversity.


Doesn’t give up, finds a way, is a self-starter, doesn’t always need instructions, can be a leader.

Humility & Self-Awareness

Tempered ego, interested in the greater good, doesn’t take self too seriously, takes feedback well, team player, is mindful.

Still Interested?
Here's the deal...

What we're looking for right now... Updated 03/2018

Font End Dev

A front end developer with a passion for beautiful design and an eye for detail. You'll be using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (and React) to implement the award-winning UI/UX our clients have come to expect from us.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 5 years experience with HTML, CSS, and object-oriented JavaScript and proven experience with the latest web standards including HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Experience with React and/or React Native and clear understanding of distinction between single page and multi-page applications.
  • Applied experience and understanding of OOP design patterns.
  • Hungry to learn and constantly improve; Ability to pick up new technologies quickly.
  • Embraces the latest standards while adhering to best practices.
  • Works well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Comfortable doing code reviews and design reviews with the team.
  • Ability to provide quality assurance and cross-browser/platform compatibility.

Back End Dev

A back end developer with a passion for writing scalable, maintainable, and reusable code. You'll be using PHP, Python, and JavaScript as you work directly on the core of our products.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 5 years experience with PHP, Python, Javascript.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks.
  • Experience implementing best practices for high performance web sites; squeezing the most out of hardware resources.
  • Applied experience and understanding of OOP design patterns.
  • Driven to continuously improve coding abilities while embracing and quickly picking up new technologies as needed.
  • Works well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Embraces code reviews and is passionate about identifying problems to raise code quality and enforce best practices.
  • Experience with Machine Learning not mandatory but welcome.
  • Experience with Docker not mandatory but welcome.

Who you'll be working with...

Matei - CTO / Co-Founder

Coding since he was 15. Built a 200,000 person social network by the time he was 20. His platform architecture technology supports over 500K users for global clients.

Mario - CEO / Co-Founder

Multi-award winner in digital innovation in Canada, recognized as young digital leader at Netexplo/UNESCO in France. Robotics Engineer turned digital strategist and UX designer.

Andra - Research Lead

Research, governmental, and academic experience to boost product development and campaign strategy. Polyglot and PhD candidate.

Jamil - VP Sales & Customer Success

Extensive Fortune 500 technology sales strategy and management experience, guiding our sales and customer success operations.

Richard - Embedded Advisor - Strategy & Ops

Former CEO of Canadian/US startup Riipen.

Ethan - Embedded Advisor - Partnerships & BD

Director of Strategic Partnerships at the largest brand licensing company in the world.

How you'll work with us...

Trial: Selected candidates go through a (fully compensated) one week working trial.

Contract: Bucharest applicants will initially be contracted, and must therefore be registered as a PFA.

Compensation: Roles will be financially compensated as in the role descriptions above.

Tools: Hires will be provided with a formatted and software loaded new Apple Macbook for their work.

Schedule: Expectations are more around deliverables than specific hours. For the purpose of team building and communication we expect hires to be at the office at least 4 days / week, and be available 10am - 5pm local time Monday - Friday. All members are expected to join weekly checkpoint calls Mondays and Fridays. The Bucharest studio is located in Palatul Universul, the main Toronto office is at Queen / Spadina, and the NYC co-working space is near Battery Park.

Note: apply here OR on Linkedin, not both.